Creating Jobs

I know first hand what it takes to create growth and improve small businesses. I will continue to work hard to protect those who create jobs by fighting burdensome government regulations and overbearing taxes. I will stand with and support those who create jobs – not punish them.

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Reducing Spending

As today’s families and businesses make tough financial decisions on how to best navigate through these difficult economic circumstances, it’s time their government started doing the same. I believe that our state government should be smarter and more efficient. Government should be accountable for the taxpayer dollars it spends. Finding and eliminating government waste has been one of my highest priorities.


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Lowering Taxes

I will continue the fight to create a friendlier business climate that will enable small businesses to stay or relocate to our great state, creating true economic growth and new job development.


Making Health Care More Affordable

Our state has some of the best physicians and hospitals in the country. I believe that health care should remain in the hands of individuals and caregivers – not the government.